Down 5 pounds, up 5 miles :)

IMG_20160702_200124This week I’ve been catching back up to where I was prior to my Las Vegas trip derailment. I’m back up to 5 miles a day and yesterday’s run put me back into the top 6% in the You Vs. The Year challenge. I’m splitting my run up to be 2.5 twice a day to maximize my recovery and metabolism boost. Plus it’s easier to vanish for a half hour over a full hour.

I think the major thing that’s helping me with the running is staying off the sugar. I did splurge earlier in the week and the next day’s run felt like I was stuck in syrup. I’ve been experimenting with honey and don’t get the same cravings, weight gain or slow feeling I do with sugar.

When I do want a sweet treat I either have a 310 Lemonade or a cold coffee with honey, cinnamon, cardamom and a touch of nutmeg. Just yesterday I received my 310 Tea in the mail so I’m eager to try that. I’ve got a tumbler all brewed up and ready to drink just before this evening’s run.

So, despite a month and a half of sugar gluttony and skipped runs, this week I can report that I’m back where I was in May. I’ve lost the 5 pounds I had gained and I’m back up to 5 miles…. and I’ve started thinking of 13K runs. Time for a new goal???


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