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Alone in a dead car next to a railroad track along a sparsely traveled highway parked in the weeds... STORY INSPIRATION!!!

Alone in a dead car parked in the weeds next to a railroad track along a sparsely traveled highway… STORY INSPIRATION!!!

I was all excited to share one of the latest videos which I happen to make an appearance in, but as fate would have it I am busy spending my evening stranded on a country road in a town (?) called Mossy Head, a.k.a. redneck country.

My normally dependable car has overheated so here I sit, waiting for roadside assistance. This is our first night in our new RV. Despite the obvious inconvenience I am enjoying the challenge.

No one is injured and cars can be replaced and fixed. I have a rare opportunity to sit out here on the side of the road in the country dark, listening to things squeak and rustle in the grass.

I’m across the highway from a train track and the moon overhead is nearly full. The scene seems ripe, like a romantic interlude in a spooky story. Without competition from city lights, the stars burn with a ferocious joy.

Under the big sky, I find that I am grateful that fate has chosen to force me from my path to experience the secret life that exists on the side of the road.

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Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher and author. Her first collection of poetry, In Favor of Pain, was nominated for an 2017 Elgin Award. Her latest novella, Bitter Suites, is a 2018 Bram Stoker Awards® Finalist. Currently, she publishes Space and Time magazine, a 53 year old publication dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction. For more information visit or
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