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Review: PseudoPsalms: Saints v. Sinners

pseudo-psalmsI recently finished PseudoPsalms: Saints v. Sinners by Peter Adam Salomon and loved it.

It’s an epic search for the significance of faith in light of the pervasive darkness of the world. How can we shine when night has fallen?

2012-salomon-headshot-profile-mediumSalomon boldly explores the shadows that color the recesses that hide deep within all of us in this collection of dark poetry and seeks the answers.

He unflinchingly faces the demons we harbor and throws light for reflection on the eternal struggle between good and evil, yin and yang, light and dark.

As you read you are likely to see whispers of your own nature pinned between the lines, the best poetry provides us a look at ourselves and Salomon accomplishes this. Kudos to a work of dark brilliance.

To find out more about Peter Adam Salomon, read my interview with him from earlier this week: Interview with Peter Adam Salomon.