Daily Archives: January 15, 2017

Halfway through first month…

Resolutions1-712x378Today marks the half-a-month mark for the first month of the year and I find myself looking at my resolutions re-evaluating.

On the writing front, things have been going stellar. My collection of poetry, In Favor of Pain, made some recommended reading lists.

I’ve finished another two stories for The Bitter Suites, the short fiction collection I’m working on now. One of those I submitted to an anthology. Speaking of anthologies, my short story Vanilla Rice should be coming out next month in the Where the Stars Rise anthology, one of 23 stories selected.

I also entered a nanofiction competition, am working on formatting a book for a friend and organized all my recent writing. I am getting ready to (FINALLY!) rework End of Mae. As a surprise, Mr. Smith has also finished his book of dark fantasy at 93,000 words.

On the exercise front, things are a little more pathetic. When we moved to the country I dropped out of my daily running habit and can’t seem to get back in that mode. I ran 2 ┬ámiles first thing Jan. 1 and then haven’t set foot to the road since. I also began a push up challenge with my oldest daughter that I have done pathetically with. Half a month in, I’m determined not to give up but just get back to it. We don’t fail until we quit.

That’s my progress. How have you been doing?