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Robin Wiesneth: A Brush With Humor

Image used courtesy of abrushwithhumor.com

Image used courtesy of abrushwithhumor.com

Robin Wiesneth is a familiar face in the Panhandle art community. A staple at many of the best area galleries, Robin is known for her whimsy, color and humor.

“I’ve always been a creative sort,” said Robin.“But my passion for art really began in late 2009 when I tried acrylic painting for the first time. Modern acrylic paints and mediums gave me unlimited ways to express myself.”

It didn’t take long from the time Robin picked up a brush for her work to be appreciated. By 2012 her artwork was the featured image for ArtsQuest. Her image of Elvis, an ecstatic canine riding a rocket, graced billboards and posters for the event.

“This very important, regional arts show gave me a great chance to show off my artwork,” said Robin. “Every time someone connects with my art I get a huge rush. I especially enjoy delivering pet portrait commissioned art that my clients really love.”

While Robin makes creating fine art look like play, her process isn’t without challenges. Her natural exploitative nature makes it challenging to stick with one style and build a consistent body of work. “I like to jump all over the place, exploring different ideas, mediums and techniques,” said Robin. “I’m also committed to becoming a better children’s book author and illustrator, which is a very time consuming process.”

Robin WiesnethOne thing that is a constant element in all of Robin’s work is passion and joy. “I like to make people smile,” said Robin.“My art normally has a happy feeling about it and I like it when people connect in this way. My social media tag says it all – ‘A Brush with Humor.’”

Robin has many plans for her work in the future, including more books to add to her already published works, as well as collaborating with other authors. “I’m also working on a new mixed media series of whimsical abstracts,” she said.

Despite Robin’s many successes and projects, she always finds time to help others and is an active part of the community. Her advice for other new artists? “Work hard and create a lot of art. Your best work will happen when you push yourself and create every day. You’ll also build a strong inventory of artwork to share with the world both online and locally. Try to create for yourself, not others.”

You can find out more about Robin and her work, including links to her books, art, and pet commissions on her web site abrushwithhumor.com.

“My art and books are in a number of local shops as well, including: Artful Things in Niceville, Retail Therapy in Santa Rosa Beach, Adaro Art in Santa Rosa Beach and Hidden Lantern Books in Rosemary Beach, to name a few. For an up to date list check here.

Originally published in the Panhandle Focus, June 2016.