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A Brush With HumorMonday’s Interview was all about Robin Wiesneth, and today’s review is all about Robin Wiesneth’s books. She has quite a few good children’s books available, so I couldn’t just pick one. Here is a run down and review on my favorites…

Tails of ImaginationTails of Imagination was the first book I ever picked up from Robin, and it’s still my favorite. The colorful pages are inhabited by shelter pets dreaming of new adventures. From horizon to horizon and every corner of the globe, these friendly pets share their dreams. The biggest dream they have, however, is to find a home.

Well written story with gorgeous artwork, Tails of Imagination remains a favorite. Find it on Amazon here.

Pandas Alphabet AdventurePanda’s Alphabet Adventure is a playful romp through the alphabet. Young readers join Andy Panda as he tries to get to his friend’s house in the most complicated, and funny, ways possible. Kids will get many giggles when he finally arrives.

More gorgeous artwork, humorous and clever verse. Find it on Amazon here.

Baxter and the Case of the Lost ToyBaxter and the Case of the Lost Toy will be a favorite with animal lovers. Available only as an ebook, the story highlights a dog’s loyalty and love as he seeks to bring joy back into his house.

Involved story, bright and fun illustrations. Find it on Amazon here.

The Literary LizardThe Literary Lizard is one of my favorites, of course. I wrote this story and Robin was gracious enough to illustrate it and give Lit Lizard his charismatic smile. I won’t say too much more about the scintillating wordplay or engaging plot.

For all ages, young children enjoy hearing this story of a lizard teaching himself to read as older readers enjoy reading it themselves. Charming, hilarious illustrations that define the lizard’s character. Find it on Amazon here.

SnakespeareSnakespeare is the second of The Literary Lizard series. The story revolves around a visitor to the library – a Shakespeare quoting snake that tries to cover up a secret by quoting smart sounding words. The lizard discovers what the snake is trying to hide and helps him with grace and diplomacy. I also wrote this.

For all ages, young children enjoy hearing this story of a a snake quoting Shakespeare as older readers enjoy reading it themselves. Charming, hilarious illustrations that bring the characters to life. Find it on Amazon here.

The Christmas SpidersFinally, another of my favorites — The Christmas Spiders. I also had the pleasure of working with Robin on this one. The tale of an old woman who climbs a mountain and lives there for a year to find truth. A seasonal favorite, the story highlights generosity and our place in the world.

Robin worked in a new style in this story, and the sepia tint to the images lend themselves perfectly to the more thoughtful mod of the story. A family favorite. Find it on Amazon here. 

If you live in the local area you can find a copy of Panda’s Alphabet Adventure as a Bookcrossing book at Cafe Bienville in Niceville.

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