Horror Panels & Cover Wars

Escape Claws on Joe Live 2Today was the last day for Brain to Books Cyber Convention and Book Expo and it was far from winding down. The panels were lively discussions of all things genre related, and beyond.

I was happy to participate on the horror panel, but some technical difficulties made the panel a real life horror experience for me. All I could hear, for most of it, were garbled robot voices. Still, you can see me at the beginning, and my faulty tech clears up just enough at 1:06:13 for me to join in for a brief plug of Escape Claws… and make horror sound effects.

More excitement came shortly after the show as all the cover designers competed for the coveted “Best Cover” spot during the Cover Wars. When I popped over to check on how Escape Claws was doing, I saw we were in third place. A quick post on Facebook lit the fire and we shot to first place, winning by a landslide. Now, my cover designer, Kyra Kile, can boast about being an award winning designer… and she deserves it. She does all my recent covers and they are all brilliant.

If you missed the horror panel with Joe Compton, here it is archived. I watched it afterwards and there is some good discussion on horror, what defines it and the genre as a whole. And windchimes.

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