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Radish iconNow that I am up and running with Radish Fiction, I thought I’d explain what Radish is… Radish is my dream come true. It’s instant gratification for prolific authors. Even better, it’s an app. Radish is serialized fiction made relevant.

Serialized fiction isn’t new. Sherlock Holmes, The Count of Monte Cristo, Three Musketeers and Uncle Tom’s Cabin were all serialized tales published first in magazines and newspapers, and later as books. It was during Britain’s Victorian era that serialized fiction really took off. Radish has taken the serial to a new level.

Download the app for free from Apple or from Google Play and have access to thousands of stories to read anytime, anywhere. I have three books set to release on Radish this week with new chapters released weekly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Stray Tales 2Stray Tales—freemium

The veils between worlds are delicate and easily torn. When the threads of humanity are stretched too thin, space is left for the unwelcome things to slip through. A collection of stray tales to remind readers that there is a reckoning and judgement to be meted out. Take good care to choose your side wisely as the karmic scales tip and the hierarchy of malice collapses. A collection of my previously published short stories in one place. New episodes every Monday at 6 p.m. central.

End of Mae RadishEnd of Mae—freemium

This is End of Mae, re-edited with new material. Although this novella has done well since its debut in 2011, there has always been more I wanted to do with it. End of Mae was my first publication, and I was so excited to be published that I cut out a lot of the story that I’d originally planned on. For the past few years I’ve been reworking Mae and it’s now where I want it to be. The first chapter will be released tomorrow at 6 p.m. central with new episodes to follow every Wednesday.

Bitter Suites 3Bitter Suites—premium

What if death could be therapeutic? At the Bitter Suites Hotel, dying is good business. The experience can give you new perspective on life, resolve issues and forge a powerful bond with loved ones. The reasons to experience a recreational suicide are as individual as the clientele that frequent the hotel. From a smitten couple seeking the perfect romantic date to a driver’s education class in their first crash, death no longer has the final say. The first chapter will be released Friday at 6 p.m. central with new episodes to follow every Friday. Pre-released exclusively on Radish.


Screenshot_2017-06-06-10-22-31How Radish reading works: There are three types of stories on Radish. Free, freemium and premium. No matter what type of story, the first three chapters are always free. Readers can choose to read only free stories or purchase in-app coins to unlock premium and freemium chapters.

After the initial free chapters, freemium chapters remain for purchase for the first week and then go to free status. That way readers that are really excited to read on have that choice while supporting an author they love. If they choose to wait a week, they will still be able to read the same chapters free.

Premium is reserved for brand new work from authors that is exclusive to Radish. I’m excited to have an opportunity to release one of my favorite works to date. The excitement and feedback from my beta readers has been fantastic and has only fueled my own excitement to write more chapters.

The coins work the same as other in-app systems like Candy Crush and are inexpensive. For .99 cents you can read two episodes. Like Candy Crush, the more coins purchased at once, the cheaper they are.

You can read more about Radish Fiction and their mission.

Download the app for free from Apple or from Google Play.


About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit SpaceandTime.net
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    Loving your “Bitter Suites”! Love all you writing!! I always look forward to your posts; now I’m looking forward to next Friday and that last chaper

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