Meet, Greet & Eat with DeLois Jackson

DeLois Jackson is another one of the authors appearing at the upcoming Author Meet, Greet & Eat at Cafe Bienville on Aug. 19 from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. She is the inspirational author of  “FAITH: My Walking Cane to Glory,” a book that seeks to foster Christian growth and godliness.

Focusing on the issue of faith, Jackson leads the reader through a consideration of allowing God’s master plan to shape each day. She shares her personal trials and claims the joyful results of a faith-filled life. She has been writing over a decade, and is in the process of writing four more books.

A graduate of Freedom Bible College and Seminary, she obtained a Doctorate degree in Ministry and is currently serving as the President, of the Emerald Coast Branch-Freedom Bible College and Seminary in Crestview, Florida.

She is retired from the Department of Defense, and can now spend more time writing. She is the founder and CEO of Alpha and Omega Christian Learning Center, Inc. What began as a business thought many years ago, is now a reality where her company is serving children and families in Okaloosa county and surrounding areas with affordable childcare, before and after school programs. She currently lives in the community in which she serves, Crestview.

What inspired you to become a writer?
DeLois—For me to answer this question, I would like to change the wording to “WHO
inspired me to write?” Although writing a book was something I always wanted
to do; however, I didn’t know how to start the journey. The Holy Spirit inspired
me to write.

One day, I had an unction by the Holy Spirit to write a book on
FAITH, and I gave it the subtitle, “My walking Cane to Glory.” I really enjoy the
process of putting pen to paper, and framing words and stories together, in
hopes of encouraging others.

What has been the biggest challenge and triumph of your career?
DeLois—Marketing myself and my book has been my biggest challenge.

Biggest triumph? Not only getting my book published but also, getting my book reviewed by Freedom Bible College and Seminary Book Committee, and approved to be used in the college for one-credit hour, which complements another course as a lab. As an author/writer I felt accomplished!!!

What do you hope to achieve with the Author Meet & Greet?
DeLois—In addition to inspiring potential authors to follow their life-long dreams to write, I hope to achieve with the Author’s meet, greet and eat event a positive, engaging
interaction with the authors I meet, and a great opportunity to network with like-
minded people. In addition, to sharing some incredible moments with readers
and authors, and get new authors perspective on their work, and to develop new

What is your advice to new writers?
DeLois—My advice to writers is to not take your writing gift to the grave with you. Make time daily to journal your thoughts, and eventually, your book will be written.

Please include links to your social media and blogs so we can find you.
DeLois—It has been awhile since I have updated my links; however, I will be updating my links soon and will be able to forward them to you.
Facebook: delois.jackson.5 or

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