Meet the New Baby

I just won a vintage Webster XL-747 Automatic Repeat Spacer Typewriter from an auction.

I’ve had my eye out for a manual typewriter since I watched A Place of Truth about traveling poet Abi Motts.

I’ll be using it in the next few weeks as a prop (I’m being painted!), but I also look forward to using it for performance poetry.

Looking forward to a package in the mail soon!

About Angela Yuriko Smith

A former news journalist, Angela Yuriko Smith retired to write fiction. Her prose and poetry have been published in several print and online publications. She has nearly 20 books which include dark and speculative fiction for YA and adults, books for children and two collections of poetry. Her first collection of poetry, “In Favor of Pain,” has been nominated for an 2017 Elgin Award. When not writing, she teaches creative writing at Northwest Florida State College.
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  1. Awesome. I ended up with two, which then prompted this poem

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