Irma Update: Evacuating

  • Will try to stay in touch via phone, but things have deteriorated enough where we are that we are evacuating to our office in Niceville.

It has become possible that we will be indirectly hit with a Cat 1-3 hurricane, reports vary. As full time RVers, we are all leaving.

Chaos in the park as people scramble from this unexpected turn of events. Furniture is moving in, power being disconnected and every available patch of grass is hosting evacuees from the south. We are all scrambling ahead of Irma.

Rumors have it that all major stores—Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie—will be closing today beginning at 2 p.m. to allow employees time to get hunkered down somewhere. Shelters are fast filling up. Gas stations are mobbed as our southern neighbors pass through on their way to the north and our locals now decide to get out.

We will be fine in Niceville. We stocked up on canned goods and coffee a few days ago, have water and will be riding the storm out in a concrete and steel fortress.

We are on the same grid as the hospital and the sewage treatment plant, so we expect power loss to be minimal. We are taking the dogs.

This is the time to pray for everyone affected by Irma, Jose and Harvey. Houston is no longer in the spotlight, but they are still trying recover. As resources rush to aid the new disaster victims, everything is starting to be spread thin. They are calling her Irmageddon. Maybe Revelations just had the spelling wrong.

Stay safe everyone. Will be updating via Instagram here.

Will also update to Facebook here.

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3 Responses to Irma Update: Evacuating

  1. Pam norton says:

    Thanks for the update Angela.
    Our prayers with all of you up there

  2. Hurricane conditions are intensifying here in Ocala. With God’s grace we’ll all come through this together. Stay safe.

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