Kansas City, Where the Fun is Free

I’m really surprised by all the free, fun stuff there is to do in Kansas City. We went out today and hit some of the major attractions and paid not a penny.

Our first stop was the Boulevard Brewery for a tour. Our tour guide was Jason, an engaging and informative free spirit. The whole thing was one of the more interesting tours I’ve been on. It helps a lot that you start the tour with a free glass of beer and end the tour with two more amazing beers of your choice. Free tour and free beer???

Next we went to the Kansas City Federal Reserve. We got to watch them count money, got to heft a real gold bar to feel it’s weight and watch the workers (and robots!) count huge stacks of $20s. After the tour, they give you free (shredded) money. Free tour and free money???

Kansas City is unreal.

See more free stuff to do here in Kansas City.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City, Where the Fun is Free

  1. Tami

    I love free and when you add fun to it, great combination! Thanks for sharing your impressions of Kansas City. Never been there, but now I want to visit some day.

    1. Angela Yuriko Smith Post author

      I have barely even thought of Kansas City existing until I came here. I didn’t even know it was a big city. I’m told I haven’t even gotten to the really fun stuff yet. The library has a fence of giant books around it, the festivals are relentless and then of course…. snow.

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