The Need for Sleep is Real

This is what tired looks like.

You may have noticed some darker poetry coming out of me lately. I attribute it to lack of sleep. I have a hard time sleeping at the best of times. Trying to flip my schedule upside down in a busy apartment complex has proved to be a challenge. I’ve been averaging 3 hours a day since I’ve been here.

On top of that, there has been an issue with the job we came up here for. We are hired, but there has been a delay with our start time. We just found out why. The hurricanes destroyed the factories in Puerto Rico and Texas that were supposed to be sending goods for us to pack. So…. while technically we are still hired on at this amazing factory job, I don’t see us starting anytime soon.

New plan: Get some sleep. It’s not a myth. A friend of mine (Bless you, Candice!) suggested I use ear plugs to help drown out the noises. Taking no chances, I also got a sound machine and some 5 mg melatonin tablets. With no third shift factory job, I can start moving back to a normal sleep schedule.

I’ve also been looking for jobs today. I got hired at Macy’s department store, but I’m still looking to see what else I can find. Disappointed I won’t get to see what it’s like to work at a factory, but I have gotten to see how psychotic I get after a week of no sleep. So that’s interesting.


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  1. Hmmm…

    I have a different variety of your malady—sleep from midnight to 4, wake up and work for six hours, take a four hour nap (if I’m lucky…)…

    I’ve thought, perhaps, my body/mind is trying to shift my sleep schedule…

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