Midwest Memories

We passed the two week mark in Kansas City and it’s starting to feel like home. To be honest, it’s starting to feel like more than home.

I grew up in the Midwest, so the constant wind feels like childhood. The air is dry and the scents carry farther. They aren’t weighed down by the damp. As fall approaches, the weather is cooling. The leaves are starting to blush away their summer green.

The people also feel familiar. Midwesterners are friendly, but independent. They don’t care what you are up to as long as you aren’t hurting anyone. There is a lack of judgement here, and the few words I pronounce “wrong” in the South (namely roof and genuine) are pronounced “correctly” here—as in, how I pronounce them.

I’m also liking my job, surprisingly. I thought of it as a “just for now” type of thing, a job to fill in the gaps until I found something serious. But after 39 hours in four days, I’m seriously liking it. It’s challenging and high paced with loads of benefits and opportunity to advance. My co-workers are tough and rowdy.

It’s a good mix of work and sight seeing. Kansas City is starting to feel like home.

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit SpaceandTime.net
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