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Today I have another interview from my friend, Soraya Murillo Hernandez, from Spain. Soraya speaks Spanish, and I only speak English, so our friendship has leaned heavily on technology and Google Translate.

Soraya has so many incredible interviews that I’ve created a category for her work. This time she shares her interview with Ronnie King, a musician, producer, and co-owner of Blue Label Records. You can find all of Soraya’s interviews here.

Soraya—In 2005, the documentary Resurrection was nominated for best movie. It was then when you start to work with Tupac Shakur. What did that mean for you?

Ronnie King—I was working with 2 pac years before in the studio, and at Death Row with Producer Johnny J.

Soraya—You were involved and supported the black hip hop movement. Did you experience any racism?

Ronnie King—No I was loved in the Community and played a hell of a keyboard. and managed by Jerry Heller, I was working with other Hip Hop Record companies at the same time and working with well know Producers of hip hop all over the world. If your good, music breaks down all boundaries.

SorayaIs there is a lot of respect in the musical world? Does everybody have the same opportunities?

Ronnie King—Yes, but timing is everything!!!!!!! God’s timing and money.

Soraya—What is your link to the great writer Jack Ketchum? How did you meet each other?

Ronnie King—I met Jack through Turner Mojica in Costa Rica. He will be writing my book, “Punks N Thugs,” about my recording life in LA and around the world.

Soraya—Who are Ronnie King’s favorite writers?

Ronnie King—The Bible.

Soraya—In the movie “Straight Outta Compton,” Jerry Heller was exposed as a bad person, but the reality was different. Thanks to him, some bands had got very famous. Why was Jerry presented that way?

Ronnie King—Welcome to Hollywood.

Soraya—Other people failed while you got success. Do you feel privileged or do you think that your success is fruit of your hard work?

Ronnie King—God, hard work and listening to others’ visions.

Soraya—Lets talk about cinema. El Emigrante is the hard reality that people try to avoid seeing. Do you think that those type of short movies can make changes?

Ronnie King—Yes, Mario Cardona is a wonderful producer director in the world today, with it moving so fast, it’s right on time.

Soraya—If I give to you the name of Mario Cardona, what will you say to me?

Ronnie King—Brilliant and caring.

Soraya—Producer, composer, musician… nominated to the Oscars… Grammys… You worked with the greatest artists. Are you still moved when you discover new stars? What do you see in them to catch your attention?

Ronnie King—Yes, always. Talent is God’s gift to us as people.

Soraya—Which is the song you always listen again and again?

Ronnie King—Still I Rise, 2 pac.

Soraya—They say that fame comes with a price. In your opinion, is this true or you can get it without paying that price?

Ronnie King—I’m good, no heavy price. Just be great in what you bring to the world. Content that is real. NO HYPE.

Soraya Murillo Hernandez

From  Soraya Murillo Hernandez: I am an early reader, I started reading very soon and I was interested in terror, I liked to look for monsters and ghosts in the stories. Then I knew that the greatest terror came from humans. I am a book reviewer in Spain, I do it free to help its authors to know their works.

Soy una lectora precoz, comencé muy pronto a leer y me interese por el terror, me gustaba buscar monstruos y fantasmas en las historias. Luego supe que el mayor terror venia de los humanos . Soy reseñadora de libros en España, lo hago gratis para ayudar a sus autores a conocer sus obras.

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