First Dungeons & Dragons Game

Last week we decided we were all going to play Dungeons and Dragons, a role playing game. My oldest son wanted to practice his DMing, so we were to be the guinea pigs. Last week he led us through a tutorial event so we could all get used to the mechanics.

Quote of the night:
How long does it take to get through a flipping door?

So tonight we played our first real game with consequences—hilarious fun. Our first boss fight was Zoet, a giant rabbit golem thing some crazy wizard had made with chocolate. We kept the damage to Zoet real, and high rollers got to eat their spoils as the battle progressed. My youngest son hit a “natural 20” and Zoet started going down fast after that. Looting was delicious. This may become an Easter tradition.

I made the photo time line above to show the highlights of our boss battle with Zoet, but to get a better idea of what a campaign looks like (for those unfamiliar), check out the video below of Vin Diesel as he sits down with Geek and Sundry and Nerdist for a game.


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