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ReBlog: Stephen King on How to be a Great Writer

I came across this fantastic article the other day—22 tips from Stephen King on how to be a great writer. Of course, worth reading. On a note of interest… huge kudos to The Beachcomber in Destin, Florida for landing an … Continue reading

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Happy International Day of Happiness

I’m so glad to know there is a day dedicated to happiness. Since 2013, the United Nations has celebrated the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognize how valuable it is. Happiness is an international goal we all strive … Continue reading

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Minute Magazine Seeks Art and Poetry

Carl Scharwath, editor of “Minute Magazine,” seeks submissions of poetry and art. “Minute Magazine” is an online, nonprofit literary and art publication that publishes quarterly in January, April, July, and October. They especially encourage younger writers, ages 14-21, to submit. Click here for more … Continue reading

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Archetypes versus Tropes

A few years ago I started hearing the term “trope” being tossed around. At first I just thought it was a trendy way to refer to archetypes, but that’s not the case. An archetype is based on a character, story, … Continue reading

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From Soraya: Interview with Steve Alten

Today I have another interview from my friend, Soraya Murillo Hernandez, from Spain. Soraya speaks Spanish, and I only speak English, so our friendship has leaned heavily on technology and Google Translate. Soraya has so many incredible interviews that I’ve … Continue reading

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Reblog: 14 Tips for Mastering the WordPress

I love WordPress as a blogging platform, but there are a few formatting issues I could never get past… until I found this article on using the Visual Editor. Better blog posts ahead! What do you think? Have you tried … Continue reading

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New Poet Opportunity from Paper Nautilus

Paper Nautilus is accepting chapbook submissions in poetry, prose, and hybrid genres until May 15th. The Debut Series is open only to writers without any previous chap/books, and winners receive 50 hand-bound copies and 10% royalties. Find more details here. For … Continue reading

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Reblog: 71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

As I prepare to publish Bitter Suites, I’ve started looking around for good marketing tips. This article is packed with ideas… 71 of them! What do you think? Have you tried any of these? What works for you? —originally published August … Continue reading

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Luminescence, Life and Limericks

I had the perfect piece written tonight… it would have brought about world peace with its luminescence. It was stunning, easily the best thing I’ve ever written. Then life happened—you get this limerick instead.

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Runcible Spoon: What it is and what it wants.

Runcible Spoon, a webzine aimed at showcasing the best in contemporary poetry and prose, is calling for submissions. If you would like see your work on the site, see submission guidelines by clicking Runcible Spoon Submissions. You can also support their … Continue reading

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