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Making Absinthe: Beverage of Poets

Few beverages represent artistic madness like absinthe. In 1859, Édouard Manet’s The Absinthe Drinker shocked that year’s Salon de Paris. Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Paul Verlaine, Émile Zola, Alfred Jarry and Oscar Wilde were all imbibers of “the green fairy.” Pablo Picasso created … Continue reading

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Escape Claws Has New Spanish Translation

Surprise! There is a new edition of Escape Claws in Spanish on Amazon today. My good friend Soraya Murillo Hernandez, of the From Soraya interviews, took it upon herself to go through the Spanish translation and correct grammatical errors. Thanks … Continue reading

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Madness Muse Seeks Submissions

Madness Muse Press LLC seeks stories, poems and essays on addiction and recovery. They want unpublished work, although they will accept work from blogs and social media. They have pretty specific submission guidelines, so be sure to check out full details … Continue reading

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Getting Speculative Now

Time to start thinking about the 2018 SFPA Speculative Poetry Contest—opening June 1—now is the time to start creating your most brilliant work. From Dwarfs to massive Epics, there is a place for your poem to compete. The contest is intended … Continue reading

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HWA Supports Dark Poetry

Lately I have been working on my submission for the annual HWA Poetry Showcase. This will be the fifth installment of this collection, and I’m proud to have been included every year so far, except the first. I’m working hard … Continue reading

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“Brine” Accepts “Origami People”

I’m excited to announce that one of my poems, Origami People, has been accepted for the The Pickling Poet’s online quarterly publication, Brine, due out in May. But wait, there’s more! With each pickle or jam purchase customers will receive a selected contributor … Continue reading

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From Soraya: Interview with Jeffery Deaver

Today I have another interview from my friend, Soraya Murillo Hernandez, from Spain. Soraya speaks Spanish, and I only speak English, so our friendship has leaned heavily on technology and Google Translate. Soraya has so many amazing interviews that I’ve … Continue reading

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Lucky Poems for Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th gets a bad rap for being unlucky. Whether you believe in it or not, it doesn’t hurt to give your luck a little boost today. Make sure you pick up coins if you see them—all coins are … Continue reading

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Pickling Poet Open for Business

Remember the Pickling Poet submission call I posted back in March? If not, you can refresh your memory here. I have it from a reliable source (their Facebook page) that they are now open for business and taking orders. I … Continue reading

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Popcorn and Poetry

Feeling like an uninspired couch potato? You can still celebrate National Poetry Month with a movie. I always think of Robin Williams in Dead Poet Society, but how about… Shakespeare in Love—This film is a fictional imagining of the endeavors … Continue reading

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