Review: Satan’s Sweethearts by Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo

The gentle and demure feminine archetype is nowhere to be found in Satan’s Sweethearts, a collection of poetry from Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo.

While murder and sadism are usually attributed to men, between these pages hide women with one thing in common aside from their gender—they were unquestionably evil.

Otherwise they are as variable as a box of poisoned chocolates. Some, like Belle Gunness in Kindred Spirits, were physically imposing. Others, like Elizabeth Bathory in Lady Bathory’s Procurer, were not only beautiful, but rich and educated with excellent social standing.

Like the villainous women portrayed, each poem in this collection is individual. The feminine voices come through clearly as they tell their tale. From the country vernacular in Winnie and the Big Black Trunk to the antiquated English of Half-Hangit Maggie, I can believe that the women themselves are speaking from beyond the brimstone.

Murderesses of the helpless, the hapless, lovers, babies—every atrocity imaginable has been committed by the ladies in these pages. Simon and Turzillo bring feminine horror into the light, dropping prejudice and preconception to share the unpleasant truth… evil comes in all shapes, shades, sizes… and sex.

An outstanding collection, I had to chew through it slowly. Each poem sent me on a hunt to learn more about the subjects. It was a journey of fear. Sometimes I could see whispers of myself in the feminine faces reflecting from the pages. Satan’s Sweethearts is a work that needs to be approached with caution, but not missed.

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One Response to Review: Satan’s Sweethearts by Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo

  1. Marge Simon says:

    Thank you so much for this absolutely on target review, Angela! You got it right. Mary and I set out to spotlight some of the worst and cruelest, sick and demented women in history — of course this is but a handful compared to the rest we either didn’t know about or bitches lost to history. As a fact, we discussed adding more, but decided we had enough. As for those still alive, we didn’t welcome them coming after us for revenge. Feminists should be proud that females can be just as horrid and wicked as males, when they put their minds to it. (Dare I say that? Am I crazy?) Thanks also for the links to my interview and the review of SMALL SPIRITS! You’re so kind, much appreciated. :)

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