Ladies of Horror Round-up

The Ladies of Horror flash fictions have been going up over at Nina D’Arcangela’s Spreading the Writer’s Word blog and I’ve missed sharing them so far this month.

Sweet and spooky, these shorts from some of the best names in horror share their inspirations from photo prompts.

Here’s who has been posted so far… the rest I will post as published on my Facebook page.

Never Play by the Water at Sunset
by Melissa R. Mendelson

Flight 2607
by Kathleen McCluskey

Journey of the Souls
by Ela Lourenco

A Good Wine
by Marge Simon

A Long Forgotten Memory
by Selah Janel

25.000°N by 71.000°W
by Lydia Prime

Clackety Clackety
by Rie Sheridan Rose

No Escape
by A.F. Stewart

All the Monsters in the World
by Christina Sng

by Suzanne Madron

by Tawny Kipphorn

The Skinwalker
by Naching T. Kassa

May Day
by Bailey Hunter

Dragons in the Sand
by Ashley Davis

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