More Ladies of Horror!

I have been sharing the Ladies of Horror Picture-Prompt challenges on my Facebook page in April but thought they ended at the turn of the month, but I am happy to say I was mistaken.

More posts have gone up that I missed. I usually share them on my Facebook page unless I have a few at once—like now.

Ladies of Horror is a writing group I joined a few months ago. Each month Nina D’Arcangela sends participants a photo. We respond with a poem or short prose piece inspired by the photo she sent. She posts the writings on her blog, Spreading the Writer’s Word.

I always love writing from prompts. It helps me to break out of any ruts I’m settling in to. I get new ideas to play with. I learn to be disciplined and honor deadlines. I get feedback on my work. It’s also just a lot of fun.

I think every writer of any level benefits from prompt writing. So far I’ve written Baited Breath and Not Enough Cat Whiskers. My May offering will be a poem tie-in to my already published story The Heaven Grift. And now, let me catch you up on the Ladies of Horror posts I’ve missed sharing:

Bonded by Elizabeth H. Smith—a spooky little nugget that manages to tell a lifetime in a paragraph.

3… 2… 1 by Julianne Snow—another short piece that explores madness from within.

The Unheard Voice by Asena Lourenco—ten-year-old Asena has created a poem with a surprisingly mature voice tinged with darkness. Looking forward to see more from this new writer.

Find the audio version of Not Enough Cat WhiskersBaited Breath and more here.


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