Play Exquisite Corpse Again?

Win a copy of my favorite poster from the Imaginary Foundation!

I loved creating the Exquisite Corpse poem last month and want to create another one… and this time there is a prize! The last exquisite corpse was created through a Facebook post, so all the contributors could see the previous line. See that poem here.

Marge Simon gave me an idea to create one through email, which is truer to the idea. An exquisite corpse poem is created by different people giving a line unrelated to the previous line. A poem is built from many authors, following the same rules.

Each contributor added to the composition in sequence by following a pattern rule. There are other ways to do it, but for this we followed a “The adjective noun adverb verb the adjective noun” pattern. Example of a line: “The green duck sweetly sang the dreadful dirge.”

This time, please send me your line via email— with EXQUISITE CORPSE in the subject line. Please add your line and name to the body of the email. I reserve the right to edit any lines that don’t follow the pattern, or ask for you to make corrections. Deadline is May 31.

I’ll publish the resulting poem here on June 1 with the names of contributors in order of contribution. I’d also like to include the results of our poem in my next poetry collection, Altars and Oubliettes. And the prize?

I’ll pick one name at random and send them a copy of my favorite poster from the Imaginary Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Play Exquisite Corpse Again?

  1. Marge Simon

    sounds fun — actually it’s also fun to have some options … like “adverb verb (etc.) and best fun isn’t worrying about the correct order at all —

    one very successfully fun exquisite corpse had a line added with “The Woodpecker! The Woodpecker!!” that actually worked okay with the whole thing –shared around with 10 poets — all in the same room at the time. 🙂

    1. Angela Yuriko Smith Post author

      I love the no rules idea. The lines seem a little forced with such tight restrictions. The lines are coming in. This may become a fun monthly thing for me. Thanks for all your “two cents.” All together, they are worth millions!

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