Success Story for May: Chef_rdl

In May, we start thinking about going to the beaches and pools… and realizing how much winter weight we’ve put on. Besides how we look, extra weight makes us feel bad and causes physical pain as it tears apart our bodies. Don’t be discouraged!

I got a success story from Chef_rdl  in my inbox the other day that inspired me to get back to healthier eating and I wanted to share.

Angela—Chef_rdl, you recently just hit your weight goal and you look amazing. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Chef_rdl, before and after.

Chef_rdl—I just turned 25 on the 31st of March and I started my weight loss fight in November of 2017. I was 205 pounds when I started and for my height, that is over weight, according to my doctor! Now, I am 175 pounds and feel so much lighter and happier than I have in years!

I would like to say that I hope, for anyone out there that sees this story, that I can help you and inspire you if you are trying to lose weight.

If any of you see this and want to contact me to find out more about my weight loss and ask questions, please feel free to email me at:

Angela—Congratulations on a job well done! What do you blame as the culprits in packing on the pounds in the first place?

Chef_rdl before

Chef_rdl—Thank you very much!  Well being a chef, for me, my biggest weakness was not so much sweets as it was greasy, fried, cheesy things that you can make in the kitchen real quick. Another bad obsession I had was chips! I had a very specific list of flavors and brands I liked, but those were some of the biggest things I craved and ate most of.

Angela—What made you decide to lose the weight?

Chef_rdl—I think there were two reasons, both of which I will tell you. First reason is because of physical pain in my back that I had whenever I woke up in bed. I get migraines a lot very easily and so when I would wake up with back pain, because I was out of shape, it would hurt a lot and then the pain would go up my back to my head and cause me to stay in bed for days!!

The other reason was just seeing myself in the mirror and not being happy at all. I am a man that likes to wear bracelets, watches, and rings and for me to look down and see my jewelry on my arms and fingers when I was big didn’t make me happy at all. Seeing this made me stop wearing my jewelry for the most part. I also hated my stomach and how my outfits looked on me.

Angela—How did you decide to lose the weight? Give up sugar? Change diet? Exercise? What was your regimen?

Chef_rdl before

Chef_rdl—Well, as far as this question, I will explain one thing that’s important. When I first started to lose weight, I didn’t do it right…I starved myself more than I ate. Not because I was trying to physically starve myself, but because once I started seeing the weight shedding,

I began to get scared of gaining weight so I would eat way less than I should be. So, after doing this, I realized I became starving and yearning for the foods I loved more than ever after not eating much! It caused me to gain 5 pounds and I realized I needed to make a change.

What I ended up doing was still eating the things I love which make me very happy, but I portioned. Every day I would get less of what my normal serving was, but yet I still was able to enjoy the foods I loved.

That brings up one issue: what do you do when you are still hungry after eating less? Well, rather than going for the chips and more of the cheesy stuff I loved, I would go for the meat that I had made that day and focus on filling up on that rather than the stuff that’s less good for you.

As for the exercise part of things, I was told by my father while I was in bed in pain that maybe I should try walking around a while that that might help the pain go away. So I tried that and I realized instantly that the pain was going away fast. But along with the pain going away, I also realized I was shedding weight fast too! I was super happy… so now, preferably every day, I walk for about an hour and a half to two hours depending on how I’m feeling.

Angela—How did family and friends react to your new lifestyle?

Chef_rdl today!

Chef_rdl—Oh, that was one of the most encouraging and great things! Family and friends that saw me and my weight loss were totally supportive, kind, and loving. They are and were very happy for me. But the thing that I loved the most and was most happy with, is that when people I loved saw my weight loss, they were inspired.

I was so glad that I can be of any help to my friends and family that saw the weight loss. It began an opportunity for me to even help those that I love by giving advice on how to shed the pounds without giving up the food you love.

Angela—How did the first 10 pounds gone feel?

Chef_rdl—It felt really great! But the thing I loved about it is that it made me eating less portions of the bad stuff I wanted a heck of a lot easier to deal with. Allow me to explain: When I first started “dieting” in my own way, it stunk having to eat less of what I wanted and it was hard…but I’ll tell you one thing, it gets better.

Reason being, when I started to notice the weight shedding quickly and I began to be able to wear things I hadn’t worn in forever in sizes I haven’t worn since was 16, it made giving up eating big portions of the things I loved tremendously easier. I would look down at my body and ask myself “Aren’t you happy with the results you are getting by eating less?” And that was it! It made it so much easier for me.

Angela—What was the hardest part of your weight loss journey?

Chef_rdl—I would have to say the beginning was the hardest because it takes a little bit of time to see results in your weight loss. So, during that time, I felt like why am I giving up eating more of the foods I loved if nothing is changing? But I knew for a fact that I was being impatient and that the day would come when I would see me thin one day and I would be happy, so I never gave up.

Angela—You just hit your weight goal. How good does that feel?

Chef_rdl—It feels wonderful! Physically, I have had way less back pain and I actually feel like I can move easily without being tired and out of shape or breath. And then to finally be there at my weight loss goal and be able to look down and wear the clothes and jewelry I’ve been wanting to wear has been so great and fun! That’s not even to mention that my friends are all thinner guys and I wanted to fit in and be like them! Haha!

Angela—What advice do you have for other people that want to lose weight?

Chef_rdl—Well, I would say that anyone out there that is even thinking about losing weight, please remember one thing. It will not happen unless you really truly are committed and ready to change your life for the better. Its a tough process and something you really gotta approach with patience as I learned in the beginning, but I promise you, you will get there! All it takes is faith and the mindset to change if you really want to. Good luck everyone out there!

2 thoughts on “Success Story for May: Chef_rdl

  1. Marge Simon

    I enjoyed reading how Chef lost weight. Actually, I tell overweight friends if they ask –same thing. Cut down on portions. You do not have to clean your plate. Other tricks –use smaller plates, trick your mind.
    Sometimes I feel like I am speaking a foreign language. Nobody i s listening! Americans buy food (restaurants or fast food, especially) and the portions are generous, usually loaded with calories or both. You order food at an expensive restaurant ($$$) like European epicurean food, it’s much smaller portions.
    Good luck and follow Chef’s heartfelt advice, I say!


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