The Pickling Poet Pickle Tasting

The Shakespeare was the clear favorite among our group of samplers.

A few weeks ago we purchased pickles from The Pickling Poet, artisan crafters of homemade pickles and jams. Based out of Queens, New York, they sell their products, which includes honey and jams as well as pickles, online and through local markets.

Every order comes with a an exclusive poem printed on high quality parchment paper. The literary contributions are hand selected from a pool of established and emerging poets. They also have their own literary publication, The Brine.

As a pickle eating poet, it was obvious that I needed to explore this company further. I pulled together a group of five other people willing to help me sample The Pickling Poet’s products. We also received a pot of jam with our order, but it was devoured far too quickly to taste test. It vanished during the night, jar and all.

As a group, The Shakespeare was a clear winner, preferred by all parties. There was a heady garlic aroma woven through a more complicated bouquet of dill and a light peppery after taste. The Walt and The Maya were easily tied for second place.

As a group, it was decided that none of the pickles sampled were losers as all were extremely flavorful with pleasant, crisp textures. The spices fully engaged the palate with tangy and tart competing for dominance in an exciting dance. We relished every bite.

Each pickle order comes in a 16 ounce pint mason jar with approximately eight spears per jar. In addition, each order comes with an exclusive poem from an emerging contemporary poet (like me!), and enters you into a drawing for a free copy of their yearly print anthology.

Here are the three varieties we tried with their descriptions from

  1. The Shakespeare —Our Winner! To be or not to be (delicious)? All the world’s a stage and our unique dill and garlic blend is a star.
  2. The Maya —Tied for second. A phenomenal pickle inspired by a phenomenal woman. This recipe packs pickled okra with a big southern punch.
  3. The Walt —Tied for second. This bold tri-color mustard blend contains multitudes of flavor. Spicy.

Next on the list to try is The Poe, in production right now. I can’t wait to see what dark spices await to tantalize our senses.

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