Bitter Suites Cover Reveal

You may have noticed I’ve been a little scarce the past few days. I am busy in the final birthing phase of Bitter Suites, available on Amazon Friday, July 13, 2018. Thanks to the always brilliant work from Kyra Starr, tonight the cover is finished.

I’ll be releasing the cover image over the next 24 hours as puzzle tiles on Instagram. You can watch the progress on my Instagram feed here. For my loyal blog and Facebook followers, no waiting. Here is the Bitter Suites cover now.

Beta readers are responding very well to the arc I released a few weeks ago. Here are some of the comments I’ve received recently:

“I loved the collection and I think your foreword sets a perfect tone. Well done!” —Robin Wiesneth,

“I congratulate you on a very unique collection of stories that are filled with humor and pathos. You’ve got a winner here! The humor is right up my alley. Cherry Pop and Popcorn had me in stitches. Really all of them did. And Tomato Leaf Tea is so poignant.” —Mary Ann Back, HR Boldwood

“I enjoyed it. The stories showcase characters, and the threads of a larger story are woven seamlessly into the whole collection. Of course, the title is clever and sums up the book quite well. I appreciated your introduction because it gave me the right mindset and set my expectations for what I was about to read. As someone who was suicidal at one point, the central idea of reversible death was intriguing. It’s clear to me that you are writing with an attitude of concern. The “addiction” angle was spot-on, as well as the many ways the Bitter Suites service could be misused. The character who ultimately took her own life made me think of the death with dignity movement (which I wholeheartedly support) and was sensitively done. ”
—S. Kay Nash, TypoFairy

And now, of course, the finished cover. Thank you Kyra Starr for the amazing work. Kyra Starr now has a tab up on this blog so anyone can contact her to commission her graphic, video and audio work. Just look up at the menu tabs, or click here.

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  1. Marge Simon says:

    Great cover, Angela!

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