Remembering “Escape Claws”

Rachel Reese with one of the last copies of Escape Claws at Cafe Bienville, Niceville.

I got this great email this week about Escape Claws. Another surprise was this photo shared on Facebook from a different reader.

With my brain all full of Bitter Suites, I haven’t given Claws a thought in awhile. Nice to be reminded that I do have other books out there.

You can find Escape Claws on Amazon here… and here is the email that made my day.

Thanks Joe and Rachel!

Hi Angela,

I read your book ESCAPE CLAWS last night, and enjoyed it. I worked for years on the Discovery Channel series A HAUNTING, and I’m a sucker for true ghost stories.

Your writing reminded me of what it was like to be a child, afraid of the thing in the dark. In my own case, the thing in the dark remained hidden – but I was absolutely certain that it was there, lurking, night after night.

If I had ever actually heard or seen a ghost, I’m not sure if the experience would have been overwhelming or if it would have provided a kind of relief, confirming what I thought I already knew but couldn’t verify.  Is dread the worst part of such experiences?

Then again, maybe I did hear or see something at some point, and have simply blocked it out.  Memory is a tricky thing.

When I finished your book, I was left with the feeling that there’s still a lot of meat on the bones.  I think ESCAPE CLAWS could be a trial run for a novel, opening the door to a much bigger story.

—Joseph Maddrey

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