Dreaming America: Voices of Undocumented Youth

Poetry, at its highest form, gives a voice to the mute. Scribbled on a scrap of paper, it can become a flag to stand behind. It can become a beacon for the lost to follow. The poetry in Dreaming America is in its highest form and accomplishes all of these things.

Besides shedding light on a hidden minority—children facing prolonged detention and/or deportation—this collection gives insight into the resilience of these children who have lost all. Written in Spanish and English, the poems display anger, hopelessness and acceptance. They keep their past alive while knitting together the foundation for a future.

The intensity of the words spring from the darkest of places and prove the worth of true words well written. A gorgeous collection that will have you thanking your stars and shaking your fist in anger at the same moment. Profits from sales of this book will be donated directly to a legal defense fund for these children.

You can order your copy of Dreaming America at Settlement House Books. Seth Michelson, editor of Dreaming America, recently discussed this project on ABC. You can watch that here.

From the website:
Dreaming America: Voices of Undocumented Youth in Maximum-Security Detention is a bi-lingual anthology of poetry, selected by the poet Seth Michelson from writing workshops he has conducted in the most restrictive detention center for undocumented, unaccompanied youth in the U.S. Because they are deemed “stateless people,” by federal law these children are not entitled to legal representation. In an effort to secure their legal defense, profits from sales of the book will be donated directly to a legal defense fund for them.

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