Exquisite Corpse for July: ‘Toxicated

The third Exquisite Corpse is ready to be exhumed and put on display. This one had no rules so contributors just gave me a random line. I love how they turned out when put together. I feel like there is a bigger story here… waiting for ink. Congratulations to Chelsea Hunter for winning the poster!

Thank you to everyone who sent lines. I will definitely be doing this again for August. Watch for the open call on Aug. 1.


Look for me in a crowded bar,
where drink has muddled minds
and all the people are made of cartoon.

She ignored the warning—
“Beware my angel wings are black as Lucifer’s
and thou shall not bind me to the light.”

Depth-less blue eyes turn white with age…
and then my world melted around me,
revealing the true reality.

—Marge Simon, Angela Yuriko Smith,
Laura Duerrwaechter, R. A. Smith
and Chelsea Hunter

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