Reviews Contest: Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

Another happy recreational suicider!

Crypticon is going really well and I’m thrilled with how excited readers are about the Bitter Suites. That makes me excited. Writers write to be read, right?

I’m so excited I think it’s time for a contest. I want to beef up the reviews for this book. I am willing to give a $100 of Amazon gift card to one, randomly drawn lucky winner. Here’s how to enter:

Leave a simple, honest review about Bitter Suites on Amazon. One winner will be picked at random when the 50th review is posted.

Share this post to help bump up those reviews quicker! I’d love to see the reviews copy/pasted in the comments as well.

  1. Get a copy of Bitter Suites here.
  2. Leave a review on Amazon.
  3. Wait to see if you win and spend.

22 thoughts on “Reviews Contest: Win $100 Amazon Gift Card

  1. Robin W.

    Angela invites a reader into a strange world where controlled death and resuscitation give characters a fresh outlook on life. As the stories progress we learn how human nature can complicate this controlled death experience. in spite of the dark subject matter, Bitter Suites is a fun and fast read full of complex and dynamic characters. I’m ready for the sequel! I received a copy directly from the author for review purposes.

  2. Lady L

    After reading this novel I’m eager to pack my change of clothing and check myself in to the Bitter Suites! Wonderfully written and uniquely conceptual! Cliche, I know, but though I tried my best to pace myself I was compelled to read it all in one setting and now I’m on pins and needles waiting for the sequel! I received a digital copy directly from the author for review purposes.

  3. CafeMama

    This book will definitely make you think about what you value in your life. Sometimes creepy, sometimes touching, sometimes funny, always thought provoking.

  4. Mary Ann B

    5 Stars! Welcome to the future where renewable death is all the rage! “Bitter Suites” is a one of a kind collection of horror stories filled with humor and pathos. Give it a read. Could this be what our future holds?

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  18. Bec Sherman

    Such a unique concept, renewable death. Bitter Suites was a short story that focused on customers of the hotel that specialises in recreational suicide. Customers choose their death of choice and were swiftly bought back to life. Each chapter built on the one before, but I also feel they could be read as 10 individual stories. It was completely different to anything I have read before. Can’t wait for the second book.

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