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Jason Silva on Ego Death

If you haven’t watched one of Jason Silva’s videos before, here’s your chance. They are ecstatic, transcendent electric fire for your mind and soul. To describe his videos, I would have to make an adjective chain a page long—and I’d … Continue reading

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Real Ghost Encounter?

Have I had an accidental ghost encounter? Here’s the details. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. We have been looking at moving to part of the Kansas City metropolitan area called Independence. It’s an old, town rich with history and rift … Continue reading

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Excellent Video Review of “Bitter Suites”

Oh, happy day! I just watched the first video review of Bitter Suites on the Running Scared channel. First, let me compliment Josh DeForge on an excellent presentation. He is articulate, unaffected and his delivery is friendly. He manages to catch … Continue reading

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Introducing J. Michael Jocelyn

J. Michael Jocelyn is a name you may not be familiar with yet, but this political activist and poet is sure to start gaining notoriety as a unique voice that sounds boldly. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jocelyn recently. … Continue reading

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E. Corpse Breathes!

Last week’s post about reviving our exquisite corpse was a success. There are already enough lines to have a fine poem. With one week left until the deadline, he breathes! A mist hangs over his cold lips, warming them. His … Continue reading

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Moving On… & Moving

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is finished for 2018 and the garb is washed and put into storage. Now is the time for us to prepare for next year. To travel for Le Loup Garou Alchemy in the spring, we … Continue reading

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Final Day of Faire

The final cannon sounded, marking the end of the 2018 Kansas City Renaissance Festival. Mr. Smith and I were there every day from open to close for Le Loup Garou Alchemy. It wasn’t easy, but it was a rich experience … Continue reading

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HWA’s Killer Recipe Contest

Boil…boil…toil and trouble…! Halloween is near and that means it’s time for HWA members to enter the Halloween Cookbook contest! Enter your best, spooky recipes for a chance at culinary fame. If you aren’t a member of the Horror Writer’s … Continue reading

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Writer Life: The First Month

A month ago I walked away from the day job life again to pursue the full time writer life. So far I’ve done two magazine layouts, written one business spotlight story for another magazine and done a lot of editing … Continue reading

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Book Pipeline Deadline Approaches

The deadline approaches for the 5th Annual Book Pipeline Competition! The contest seeks material for film or television adaptation. Open to writers worldwide, the contest accepts any genre, fiction or non-fiction. Published or unpublished. Visit Book Pipeline here. One Grand Prize … Continue reading

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