Neil Gaiman Birthdays & Electric Blankets

Courtesy of Sasha Maslov/The New York Times

Sometimes all it takes is one song to be awestruck and reduced to tears. As I did some research (procrastinated) this afternoon I came across this video. Warm, dark and lovely… everything about this video was love for me. The dog in the trash can is my tears started.

Then came the surprises. I went to Facebook to give this girl, Amanda Palmer, a like and realized she is half of the Dresden Dolls. No wonder this video resonated with me so well. I used to love the Dresden Dolls.

Then I found out she’s married to Neil Gaiman. And, by the way, it’s his birthday today. I did already know that. So lots of bombshells over here while I should be working on a story about monster cereal with a deadline of today.

The important thing to take away from all of this is… Neil Gaiman is older than me, and I adore his wife, her music and his books. Enjoy this video.

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  1. Marge Simon says:

    Thank you so much, Angela! I enjoyed!

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