Ghost in the House?

I keep an open mind about ghosts. As much as I believe in them, I’m pretty skeptical. Not every dust mote caught in the flash is a spirit orb—but some might be.

Independence, where we live, is known for being haunted. Truman’s ghost is reported to regularly walk the streets. A “lady in grey” wanders near the Woodlawn Cemetery on Noland Road. The mistress of Vaile mansion has been seen wandering the grounds and standing in windows. This is the neighborhood we live in. It makes sense we may also have a ghost.

I have been unconvinced. Since we’ve moved here, strange things have happened…but nothing that couldn’t be explained. Every night one of our dogs starts up with this halting, nervous bark as he stares into the kitchen. One night, as he was doing this, a glass shot off the counter to break in the middle of the kitchen. I was still unconvinced. Until the other day.

Everyone who was going to work that day had left. Everyone who was staying was still in bed. It was just after 6 a.m. I grabbed another coffee and then settled into my office to work for a few hours.

I came out around 9 to find our Google Mini playing the creepiest music. It sounded like voices chanting, moans and chaos. I thought I heard a few whale noises in there, but the effect was spooky. I took a few videos before I changed the music, grabbed another coffee and went back into my office. I didn’t see any of the dogs. They were hiding in their kennel.

About 10 minutes later I heard my daughter calling me. I came out to find the little dogs hurling themselves against the dog gate in a panic. They had peed all over the kitchen and were shaking. I played the video for my daughter and they all hid back in the kennel.

We searched the Google history to see who had requested the weird music, and identify it. All it said was “Unknown voice command” at 6:14 a.m., shortly after I would have retired to my office.

Later that day, on a whim, I hung an amulet of the Eye of Horus on the inside of the basement door. Chief’s nightly barking has stopped and we’ve had no more strange incidents for a week. What are your thoughts? I’ve embedded the videos of the music and a screen shot of the command that started it.

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher and author. Her first collection of poetry, In Favor of Pain, was nominated for an 2017 Elgin Award. Her latest novella, Bitter Suites, is a 2018 Bram Stoker Awards® Finalist. Currently, she publishes Space and Time magazine, a 53 year old publication dedicated to fantasy, horror and science fiction. For more information visit or
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  1. cynthia boyer says:

    sounds like whales to me or Big Foot Mating Calls.

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