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Story “Just in Time”

How about a story? This is what happens when I’m tired and busy with other things, which right now is Space and Time, some birthdays, house fix-y stuff and editing. I originally wrote “Just in Time” for the July 2018 … Continue reading

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New Website for Space and Time Magazine

Visit the new website for Space and Time magazine, officially live and ready for exploration. Find the new mascot, read excerpts from the current issue and follow us on social media. There will be a test! Send the answers to … Continue reading

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Exquisite Corpse #8: The Last Kiss

I always get chills when I first see all the exquisite corpse lines on the page for the first time. I try not to look at them before that. They come in my email, go straight to a folder and … Continue reading

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Shameless Space and Time Magazine Plug

Things have been moving behind the scenes at Space and Time. The new website will be unveiled Wednesday, February 20th at 1 p.m. Everything is shiny and fresh, but we’ve taken care to keep the soul of the magazine intact. … Continue reading

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From Space and Time #132: “The Slowest Bullet Ever Shot”

Ever notice how time goes by too fast for the good stuff but seems to drag through the rough patches? In “The Slowest Bullet Ever Shot” by Max Shepard, everything slows down for the protagonist at exactly the right moments, … Continue reading

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Betty Ballantine, Publishing Hero

I just found out Betty Ballantine passed away recently in her New York home at age 99. Betty, along with her husband Ian, can be credited for creating a real market for fantasy and science fiction with their publishing imprint, … Continue reading

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Interview with Hannah Farr

When Hannah Farr’s brother nearly died from illness, she decided to take control of her own future and pursue her art. Today I have an interview with Hannah, an artist and illustrator based in the UK. Her most recent project … Continue reading

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Flash Writing Prompt: Creepy Crawl Space

We’ve had problems with one of the rooms in the house being bitterly cold—and sorry, no. Not haunted. I checked. Despite that disappointment, we did finally figure out why it’s always so cold. I opened a panel in the wall … Continue reading

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From Space and Time #132: “Walter Could be Anywhere”

The US Postal Service would not be in the trouble they are if there were a few more mailmen like Walter from “Walter Could be Anywhere” by Andrew MacRae in issue #132 of Space and Time. The story is set in a … Continue reading

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WiHM for the Win

February is Women in Horror Month, and as a WiH I should be better about sharing it… but why when there are so many other people doing all the work already? The beauty of copy/pasta is that all I have … Continue reading

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