Review | Rose by Rami Ungar

I read Rose by Rami Ungar the same week I was putting in a fall garden, so it was an immersive experience. The story of Rose begins with protagonist, Rose Taggert, waking up in a greenhouse. She opens her eyes to find herself a changed woman in every sense of the word.

A fast paced, quick read, the story grabbed me from the curious beginning and held on to the last page. I find a lot of plots are either too predictable or the logic collapses.

Ungar has managed to balance the fantastical with the believable to create a world of dark magic and terrible secrets.

The antagonist, Paris, is cruel enough to be repulsive but not so vicious that I couldn’t connect to him. The interaction between the characters was effective in establishing their relationship so that I could properly experience confusion at some of the tricks being played.

There were plenty of spooky descriptions and a sufficiently ominous atmosphere but no graphic violence without purpose. The story line is balanced and believable. The cover threw me off a little—I expected more of a Disney-esque story. What I received instead was a rich, dark plot with plenty of texture and madness, a nice surprise.

I enjoyed reading Rose and will look forward to more work by Rami Ungar. Find Rose by Rami Ungar yourself on Amazon and keep an eye on this emerging author.

If you happen to be in the Columbus, Ohio area you’ll have a chance to meet Rami Ungar in person as he does a reading and book signing event at the Brothers Drake Meadery from 5-7 p.m. tonight (August 18).

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