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There is a lot of talk right now about fighting Amazon, but setting aside the corporate hivemind, Amazon has been good to indie authors. Before Amazon came along with Createspace, there were few self publishing options… and the few options available were vanity press.

I’m not out to bite the hand that feeds me, but I will put my support behind the little guy over the big guy whenever I can. Amazon is the big guy. Indie bookstores are the little guy. Now there’s another way to toss some of your book budget their way— is an alternative to Amazon. They only carry books from independent bookstores, and they only sell books. Remember when Amazon only sold books? Profit from Bookshop sales are split three ways with 10% of the sale price divided among participating bookstores, 10% going to the site that initiated the sale, and 10% going to Bookshop’s commission for affiliates is is nearly double Amazon’s 4.5% affiliate commission.

Next time you decide to purchase a book, consider shopping independent and put some money back to actual bookstores. It’s like shopping locally, but someone else’s local. With all the stores co-oped together, the selection is very good. I even found four of my own books listed on their site.

I’ll be doing my own book purchases there from now on if I can’t borrow from my library. It adds up—so far has raised $10,637.39 for indie booksellers. It means a lot to the recipients, and somehow I don’t think Amazon will miss it. 

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