Jewel, Epic Haiku Chain

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Back in 2018 I celebrated Women in Horror and NaHaiWriMo by writing an epic, long haiku chain. Like this month where I’ve been sharing a feminine themed horror haiku a day, in 2018 I shared a haiku everyday but all telling the same story— that of Romeo and Juliet.

Of course, I forgot about it until today when someone mentioned a retelling of the story… and I remembered this one. For some reason, there’s a hunchback in my version. I don’t remember that from the original…

Regardless, this is my version. Now that I’ve found it I’ll probably pop it into my current WIP. Wonder what else I’ve forgotten about?

Here is a sample of Jewel:

Jewel arrives to see

her Romeo departing

with his new love, Death.

Jealous rage consumes

her future with youthful fire

burning bright on blade.

Knife in hand, she thrusts

eyes fixed on lost Romeo

and opens her heart.

She pours out her soul

in a heated rush of red—

ruining dress and life.

I translated it in Spanish for my friend Soraya (who also corrected my terrible Spanish).  You can read the complete Jewel in Spanish and English here.

And here’s a look at my horror haiku from the second week of WiHM11…

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