Beware: Red Dennis by Eric Shapiro

Here’s my warning: be careful if you decide to read Red Dennis by Eric Shapiro when it comes out this month. This book is not for the timid reader just looking for some pretty words to while away a few hours.

This is powerful stuff designed to punch your perceptions in the gut and shake things up. I was assaulted by conflicted emotion from one page to the next with never a relaxing moment. I was either appalled by Dennis or appalled by how Dennis was treated—but I was never bored.

Dennis Fordham is a man in crisis, but it’s a crisis we all face. That’s what drives up the intensity factor. He’s a man at the high point of his game, at the pinnacle of achievement until it all begins to slip away.

The tides turn against him as the undercurrents of age and idealism try to pull him under. Instead of going with it and trying to age gracefully, Dennis fights back and brings the world back into his realm.

Male or female, I think we can all see a little of ourselves in Dennis. We’ve all been misunderstood, wronged and mocked. We’ve all seen our vision blur in a red haze of rage. We’ve all been the fool. We’ve all wanted to dish it back.

This is my favorite kind of book—the kind that leaves an imprint on the reader. I had the pleasure of copy editing Red Dennis by Eric Shapiro this past month and let me assure you, this guy can write. He balances reader sentiment on a blade and then slices it up with the dexterity of a surgeon to feed it back to us. The ending is a master stroke. No spoilers, but you will not see where this is going.

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