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Nearly a month ago I thought I was getting back to “normal-ish.” How Pollyanna of me. I give up on the concept of things returning to anything I recognize. The best I can hope for is to move forward. Or try to move forward.

I’ve never had writer’s block or lacked for ideas until recently. The past few months have had me stunned and unable to write much beyond a few poems. Through May, I didn’t even produce poetry.

Yesterday I finally forced myself to produce something on cue and submitted a poem for the annual HWA Showcase. That seems to have broken the inertia because then I wrote this poem for PoetryNook… and then this blog post. And I am touching my computer again. Before this May I’d managed to hold a 46-week streak with PoetryNook. With this poem, I begin again.

But that’s really where we all are right now. Everything is in turmoil. Things we have taken for granted like StokerCon, meat in the store and logical people… just throw that crap out the window. None of that matters now. We have new rules. It is a new beginning.

Where have I been? Gardening, raising chickens, and sewing. None of these things were part of my pre-pandemic life. In my pre-pandemic life I just wrote. I watched Little House on the Prairie as a child and read all the books on repeat but I never expected to be an urban farmer. But here I am… when I ran out of yardspace for planting I started building a passive hydroponics system inside. I raise mealworms. I build stuff.

Am I insane? Yep. We all are. The entire world seems to have gone mad. As I write this there are rioters in my city protesting the death of George Floyd. I support the protests, but how is destroying an unrelated someone’s property justice? Businesses have been struggling to re-open and now many of them have to contend with violence, property loss… now even life lost. What did they have to do with the situation in Minnesota?

Nothing. Anger and injustice is more contagious than any virus. Fear and panic have spread across the world and everyone has been touched to some extent. Last night, instead of making a story deadline, I was glued to the live feed of protesters downtown Kansas City wondering if things would turn violent like elsewhere. They didn’t for the most part. A few months ago we were there, also in record numbers, but to celebrate the SuperBowl win of the Cheifs.

This is the normal I wish we could return to, but I’m afraid I’ll have to make do with this: a tremor of uncertainty, a shadow over tomorrow and the screaming song of wolves at war… which segues into my poem this week for PoetryNook.

Am I back? Your guess is as good as mine. I will take things a poem at a time for now and be grateful when I have words. Stay safe!

Wolves at War

My words are all gone

dried up somewhere between hates

and tossed Molotovs

shaken and well stirred

by a well-chilled media

looking to give thrills

like a bad boyfriend

entertained by my sorrow—

relishing my tears.

Here my words are lodged

like a stone lump in my throat…

too big to swallow…

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About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit SpaceandTime.net
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  1. Marge Simon says:

    “like a bad boyfriend/relishing my tears” — nice fresh image and the ending works quite well. I wish you success continued with “Wolves …”

    And yes, I thought I’d have more time for more works, but it’s like wearing a pair of foggy glasses, can’t seem to see what I need to –we hope this will pass, of course. And the unrest & riots. Good luck with your poem, Angela! Great on the garden/back yard ventures!

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