New eCorpse, New Ad Page and New Blog Host

Looks like the blog was finally migrated successfully to the new home but the last few posts dropped into cyberspace. Unfortunate, but if that’s the worst of what the end of 2020 brings, I call it a win. If you are looking for one of the last two posts, you aren’t crazy. They’re gone.

But since I have your attention… want to be a guinea pig? Remember the exquisite corpse fun? It’s been a while but here’s the same old corpse game in a new graveyard.

We are testing out Duotrope’s new submissions platform ahead of regular Space and Time submissions with an exquisite corpse and would love your help. Twelve lines will be chosen to create an exquisite corpse poem that will appear in #138.

Since we actually pay per submission to use this manager, we are limiting submissions to one line per person. Go submit that brilliant line at the following link and help our poor corpse live again! 2020 has nearly done the poor guy in. Submit your line here!

And, since I still have your attention, if you are interested in advertising in the next issue of Space and Time we have a new, simplified ad sales page. All you do is select the ad size you’d like, pay via PayPal, and then email the ad—the email to send to is on the receipt. All ads are black and white. Find the ad sales page here!

August was a good month for me. I finally caught up on some writing projects I had owed since the pandemic began and started getting back to myself… but better. Through the pandemic, I’ve migrated from my tiny office under the stairs to a whole glorious room. As soon as I finish hanging the art I’ll post a virtual tour.

For now, stay safe and keep yourself sane in these crazy times. We are in the home stretch to finish with 2020.

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit
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2 Responses to New eCorpse, New Ad Page and New Blog Host

  1. Anthony R. Rhodes says:


    I noticed that your two last posts did save to your GoodReads account. So not completely lost.

    • Wow! Thank you, Anthony! I knew the blog was connected to Goodreads, but I wasn’t aware that it saved posts there. I was bummed about losing Frank’s, but it seemed wrong to re-write it. I appreciate you letting me know. You are awesome.

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