Space & Time #138 LIVES

Just a quick heads up between projects to inform everyone that the Autumn issue of #138 is live on Amazon, right here. This was a good issue for me. It was the first issue I enjoyed putting together this year.

I started watching the pandemic in February when it was still in Wuhan and it was hard to focus on the magazine.

By June, things were only worse with post office issues mixed into the regular panic. It took me most of the year, but I feel like myself again.

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I did, and if possible somehow it will bring a little bit of neo-normal to you as well.

While you wait, watch a preview video.

About Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is an American poet, publisher, and author with over 20 years of experience in newspaper journalism. She co-publishes Space and Time magazine with author husband Ryan Aussie Smith. For more information visit
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