From Black Cranes: A Pet is for Life

The third story in Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women is “A Pet is for Life” by Geneve Flynn and has given me the most unexpected surprises so far. I kept thinking I knew where we were going on this trip, only to have Flynn swap the itinerary before I could set down my luggage. When the reveal happens I was genuinely surprised. I did not see that coming.

“A Pet is for Life” by Geneve Flynn from Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women

Written with warmth, throughout the story I’m in love with Tully the protagonist and threatened by the obvious monster… only it wasn’t obvious at all. I can’t give away much more or I run the risk of spoilers, and there is such an unexpected surprise I don’t want to cheat you.

What I can say is I love this story. Everything unfolds believably despite this being a tale about unbelievable things. Flynn gives just the right amount of line to keep the tension before she sets her hook. The ending leaves me questioning, not because Flynn has left loose ends, but because she has undone some of mine.

We walk through life, sure that we understand what’s happening. Perhaps it’s better we don’t know. Ignorance can be bliss.

“A Pet is for Life” by Geneve Flynn is the third story in Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women an anthology of Asian women in horror. Geneve Flynn is a fiction editor that loves to help authors write what they mean and mean what they write. She has two psychology degrees which she only uses for nefarious purposes and is a proud  member of the Institute of Professional Editors Ltd (IPEd), the Chartered Institute of Editing and ProofreadingVision Writers Group, the Australasian Horror Writers Association and the Horror Writers Association.

She’s also been a submissions reader for the Aurealis magazine and a judge for the Australian Shadows Awards for short fiction. A horror writer with a love of tales that unsettle and B-grade action movies, her short stories have been published in Australia as well as internationally. You can catch her having fun with the Brisbane Writers’ Workshop, where she co-facilitates creative writing classes. Check out the fabulous workshops here.

If you’d like help getting the story in your head onto the page, check out her editing services here. Want something that will send chilly fingers down your spine? Check out her published works and see if anything takes your fancy.

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