If you read my post yesterday, you will see the news item there about how to control your creative hot streaks with periods of exploration alternating with times of implementation (or exploitation, as the article puts it). I do this all the time, but I never connected the two. In case you want to go to the news item directly, you can find it here.

After reading this, I recognize I’m going back into a period of exploration. I’ve been obsessed with TikTok and how it works, Okinawan culture and the Stylophone. Such an odd combination… I can’t wait to see if all that congeals into some sort of artsy aspic. I’m hoping to learn a song on the Stylophone good enough to play it on Cake & Hyperbull this weekend.

We also challenged each other last show to write a canzonet that had to include the line “my beret is full of questions.” Of course I haven’t started mine yet. I see one of two things happening. I will learn to play a song on the Stylophone and wow Amy so much she will forget about the canzonet, or I will put a canzonet to music I play on the Stylophone. I guess the third option is a don’t do either and just apologize for my failure.

The first song I learned… Spooky, Spooky Skeletons of course! Okay, so I’m not a virtuoso… yet.






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