Being people is weird. One day I’m weeping into an ebook layout positive that I and everything around me is doomed. The neighbor’s death was the last straw of the week. The next day I start out the Third Sunday Live event with Amy by telling her I hoped I wouldn’t be too much of a downer for the event. About a half hour later I’m crying on Instagram Live because I’m laughing so hard.

Among the topics: a not-sexual vibrator game I used to play with my neighbors and what happened when my church came to help me move and found it under my mattress. I also shared how I was once a Women of the Chapel president and also somehow had a porn site in my name. Neither was mine, the vibrator or porn site.

I don’t know how long this show lasted. It was the craziest, most off topic one we’ve ever done. And it was just what I needed. Uncontrollable, insane laughter with a friend while telling my embarrassing stories live puts everything into perspective again.

I stand by my opening statement. Being people is weird.






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  1. Marge Simon Avatar

    You just realized that for the first time? hahahahaahhahaha

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