If you have an iPhone, this won’t work for you. Just stop reading now before you get jealous. For those with Google or Android phones, you are in luck.

How annoying is it when you have to fax a signed contract back? If you don’t have a printer, it involves going to print, scan and send back. Even if you have a printer it’s annoying to print and file and then you still have to scan and send it back. I used to cheat and just take a photo of the signed doc to send back. No one ever complained, but it’s not very professional looking.

A few months ago I found out you can scan with your Google or Android phone, save as a PDF and send anywhere. The scans are really good quality too. I can have shadows on the doc, bad lighting… the scans still come out crisp.

I was thinking I’d make a video tutorial to show you how, but then I realized someone probably already has. Here is an excellent video that walks through the simple steps. This is so easy and effective I use it all the time now. If you do have an iPhone and you’re feeling sad, I bet you can get one of your Android friends to scan your docs for you.

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