I recently had an opportunity to chat with CEO and Founder Donald Armfield of Hybrid Sequence Media about his upcoming HYBRID, MISFITS MONSTERS & OTHER PHENOMENOM anthology. Who’s in it so far, how can we help and when do submissions open? All will be revealed…

Hybrid Sequence Media is a diverse publisher focused on poetry, story collections, novellas, novels and writing in all its glorious forms. You can find them at hybridsequencemedia.com.

If you are looking for a more involved way to become involved with this project, visit their Kickstarter. All the funds raised will help pay the writers, artist and the creation of Hybrids: Misfits, Monsters, and other Phenomena. Artwork from Luke Spooner.

You can support the Kickstarter (and get lined up for some very cool prizes) here.

By Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is a third-generation Ryukyuan-American, award-winning poet, author, and publisher with 20+ years in newspapers. Publisher of Space & Time magazine (est. 1966), two-time Bram Stoker Awards® Winner, and HWA Mentor of the Year, she shares Authortunities, a free weekly calendar of author opportunities at authortunities.substack.com.

  1. You and I and many others are in for this, but $11,000 + is a lot to expect from a Kickstarter! I was surprised at the amount. However, there are 39 days to go. I hope it gets the go-ahead money!

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