The results of today’s Phasmophobia rl Ghost Hunt? No contact.

To be fair, we did a terrible job of checking temperatures regularly, documenting and noting unusual activity off game… and this is because we were occupied with playing a game. The only interesting thing to note is that the ambient temps were actually warm at 74┬░ at one point but Ryan (Aussimanplays) reported feeling chilled.

This leads me to think that maybe the anecdotal reports of the temperatures dropping as people play Phas might be psychological. This makes a lot of sense because many of the maps are played in rain, snow and always in the dark. More tests needed.

Equipment we used was the ambient temperature gauge and EMF. We got too involved in game play to try anything else. At some point this week we are going to try and test the equipment out in a random park that used to be an old neighborhood just to see if we pick anything up. We live in the historic district of Independence, so ghost opportunities abound. The ghost of Harry S. Truman is reported to walk a path that goes in from of our house and I think I saw him once when we first moved in… but that’s for another post.

Today’s hunt was a fail, and it was based on human negligence. It looks like the biggest challenge of this Phasmophobia triggering real ghost activity experiment will have a challenge I didn’t expect: not getting so involved in gameplay we forget to take readings. Try again next week.

For those asking: Phas is primarily played with keys on the keyboard (WASD) and the mouse is used to select menu functions and ingame functions like opening doors, picking up objects and turning switches on and off.

If you want to watch the stream for yourself, it’s on Twitch. The Phasmophobia starts at around 3 hours and 30 minutes (3:30). Watch on Twitch here.

The one documented reading we did… #fail
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