We are exactly two weeks away from leaving the US and we have discovered the joy of letting it all go. We are practically kicking it all out the door and this has resulted in a really happy story involving a Little Free Library (LFL).

But speaking of letting it go… can I interest you in some vintage Space & Time magazines? A minimum of 10 magazines for $10 and free shipping. The first 20 will get a bonus copy of Worlds of Light and Darkness included.

But back to my happy story: we are starting to finally see empty spaces in the house, but we still had some big items we couldn’t find a home for. One was my precious refurbished newspaper box. The other was an unregistered, brand new LFL. I asked everyone I could think of—scouts, schools, friends, writers, churches—no one wanted the responsibility. I was convinced there was the perfect place for both items. I stubbornly believed in kismet. And then, as it does, kismet happened.

💢Censorship, book banning and backstory, oh my!

My newspaper box (courtesy of The Examiner) also found a home

First, a little back story. The idea of me having an LFL was a result of my enraged self complaining to a friend (Laura Duerrwaechter) that the Board of Trustees of my local library system were pulling books they deemed “immoral.” Of course, they were grabbing the LGBTQ books, but also books on sex education for kids—any books they didn’t like.

As an adult in the supposedly free world, I object to anyone telling me what I can’t read. It’s not their moral stance, it’s inflated ego… but back to my story: Laura suggested I get my own LFL and stock it with banned books. #inspired! The short version, I raised funds on Ko-fi, ordered the LFL and… then decided to move to Brazil. And that brings us to yesterday.

The kismet moment

I’m certain I had asked this library if they wanted the LFL, but last night I trudged in to beg. All three managers happened to be there. I cornered one and launched into my sales pitch about how they could have it free—FREE—and it was brand new and unregistered. The manager narrowed his eyes at me. I prepared for rejection.

“Do you mind where the LFL goes?” he asked instead.

“No,” I answered. “I just want it to have a good home.”

Cue the magic ✨ No one is happy about the new Board of Trustees’ puritanical activity, and one branch had a similar idea to install a LFL and stock it with all sorts of books, including banned. While the board couldn’t stop them from installing it, they weren’t encouraging. The branch had to buy it themselves, and these things aren’t cheap.

They were in the middle of brainstorming how to get one when in walked a Christmas kismet wish. Now I no longer have to feel guilty I might toss the LFL in a donation bin. Instead, it sits on library land, a beacon for free reading. The local library branch gets their own LFL and a bonus newspaper box for a little food pantry as well.

I am left with a joyful nothing and that’s everything I want.

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2 responses to “A JOYFUL NOTHING”

  1. Marge+Simon Avatar

    What a happy ending to a story about a joyful nothing! Bravo for your persistence, which is one of your secret, awesome powers!! Yes, I dare use “awesome” again, because it fits perfectly!

  2. Laura K. DUERRWAECHTER Avatar

    We did good!

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