As of December 30, we are officially in Brazil! We had a few delays waiting on the dogs to safely arrive and didn’t make it to the new house until January 1. We were exhausted and stressed but we made it. We spent the new year in São Paulo with friends, so no complaints… at least about Brazil.

🏃🏻💨A fast update…

The company we paid $5k to ship our dogs, however, is another story. If you decide to go the digital nomad route, just know it isn’t easy on the animals. Knowing what we do now, we might have reconsidered our plans or found new homes for our animal companions with family. That’s for a future post.

All in all we’re grateful to be in our new home. All three dogs made the trip and are fully recovered. We’re all safe. We’re surrounded by friends and family. Other than some things breaking in shipping, everything important made it. As for the things that didn’t… they are just things.

👍 More details soon!

I’m still a little jetlagged but we are pretty much moved in. I’ll be doing some updates soon, including a new show called Spilling the Ink this Saturday. In the same time slot as the old Cake & Hyperbull (2 pm CST), the first show of the month will be dedicated to poetry but the rest will share guests from a variety of backgrounds—a professional petsitter, mortician, and a drag queen are among the guests. In between guests I’ll share what it’s like to be living as digital nomads. All this is in the near future.

For now I am sitting back at my computer. I’m down to one screen with no stand (I have the two Bram Stoker houses keeping it upright), one pen and no sticky notes😱. I’ve left almost everything behind but people, pets and a stack of books. I know I’m spoiled, but I feel bruised, physically and emotionally. I’m in mourning and celebration at the same time. I’ve decided to try and fit the rest of my essentials in a carry-on. Time and space our both precious.

Overall, I feel lucky to be here—blessed to have this opportunity. There will be many more updates soon.



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  1. Marge+Simon Avatar

    WOW! Sorry to hear about the dogs. I mean, the details will be worse, and I’ll be sorrier then but they’re okay now. (Whew!) I’ve been worried about you, glad you’ve recovered from jet lag & preparations long enough to write in your blog!
    Take care, I’ll be waiting to know more (as many, many others are!).

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