A book release, a blog redesign and some new ways to support emerging writers? Read on…

Today I feel the best I have in a long while, which brings me to a confession. I had an emotional breakdown last year. 2023 was a fantastic year with many successes, but I collapsed under the weight of it all. Too many trips, too many projects, family and pet deaths, COVID… and the whole time I felt this pressure to keep all the drama under my hat. Maybe that’s why sometime last July I just stopped wearing that hat after almost a decade.

This last month Brazil has been kind to my mind. This is a therapeutic place. Good food, fresh air, surrounded by loving people, a view of jungle covered mountains… and a month of rest. I find myself renewed and ready for a new chapter.

Changing things up

This has led me to revamp my blog for pretty much the first time since my first post in 2010. This new design is organized better and works well across different devices. When I started blogging, no one read on their phones and tablets weren’t a thing. Plus, now there are all these cool buttons that link to my socials. Back in 2010, the only social network I had was Facebook.

As far as new ways to support emerging writers: this year I began a YouTube talk show called Spilling the Ink which shares insight and perspective from a variety of guests to benefit authors. I’m always looking for guests, so contact me here if you have suggestions.

I also opened up a “Poetry Spotlight” to help share some of these new voices. Every week I select one poem and produce a video reading to share here, on my YouTube channel and on Spilling the Ink. Oh, and I finally named my blog: Exercise Your Writes. The name is borrowed from the monthly column I do for the Horror Writer Association’s newsletter.

Finally, I opened up sponsorships for the STI shows. Just $15 covers my direct costs to produce a show. I thank everyone who has so generously sponsored a show so far. Information on sponsoring a show is on the Spilling the Ink tab here, or just go directly to my Ko-fi shop here. Scroll to the end of this post to read a testimonial kindly sent to me this week.

Coming up this week:

If you missed it, you can still catch “Speaking for Unquiet Spirits pt 1” here, and last week’s Spilling the Ink with special guest Lee Murray here.

And now for the very kind and generous testimonial I was sent this week:

A fairy tale.. I have a very special relationship with the Fairy Godmother of Indie poets. Our relationship began more than 7 years ago and look where we are today! I am a reluctantly visible creative. But, with Spilling the Ink, THERE’S NO MORE EXCUSES! You need to do this! I encourage YOU to sponsor an episode.

Angela has expanded her product line with the Ko-Fi platform. “Publishers Showcase” is YOUR opportunity to engage YOUR public with YOUR original poetry. The impact we, as Indie poets and authors have, is UNLIMITED. We must be able to self- promote and within that sometimes uncomfortable arena, we must be grateful to those who’ve got our backs. Believe me, Angela Yuriko Smith has your back.

The Indie Pub community is an enriching and vital cog in the wheel of word work. I hope to see you here!

~ Laura Kester Duerrwaechter

Angela Yuriko Smith

By Angela Yuriko Smith

Angela Yuriko Smith is a third-generation Shimanchu-American and award-winning poet, author, and publisher with 20+ years of experience as a professional writer in nonfiction. Publisher of Space & Time magazine (est. 1966), producer of the Exercise Your Writes YouTube podcast, two-time Bram Stoker Awards® Winner, and HWA Mentor of the Year for 2020. She shares a weekly calendar of author opportunities at authortunities.substack.com.

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