I’m happy to send shisa keychains anywhere in the world for a donation to cover postage. I primarily use PayPal. Please make sure to include the address you want your keychain sent to! I only made 80 of these to begin with so they aren’t unlimited and I can’t guarantee color combos.

Each shisa keychain spends time on my altar to get charged up and ready to go be a lucky guardian for someone in the world. I included notes so you can learn more about the Okinawan guardian shisa below.

My PayPal contact info is Angela Yuriko Smith @angelayurikosmith Independence, MO or you can try this QR code. I’ve never used the QR codes, so let me know if there are issues. Please make sure you add your mailing address to the “notes” box on PayPal or send it to me via the contact form here.

And thank you for the unexpected and surprise response!

What are shisa?

Shisa are a traditional Ryukyuan (Okinawan) guardian pair similar to Chinese guardian lions. Shisa are sometimes classified as gargoyle beasts. Shisa come in pairs, a male and a female. The male has his mouth open to drink in the good luck and frighten away the negative. The female has her mouth closed to seal out the negative and keep in the good luck.

Together they make a sound—“Aum”(a-hūṃ/a-un). ‘A'(阿) is from the male and “ɦūṃ” (吽) is from the female. The vocalization “Aum” (ॐ) means beginning and end in Sanskrit. It’s similar to the Nio guardian deity statues that guard Buddhist temples. The combination of both sounds is Aum (ॐ), Sanskrit for The Absolute. This song of the shisa helps to bring their surroundings into harmony.

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December 11, 2021 For anyone looking for shisa: I chose a terrible time to take a social media vacation! I don’t sell the shisa keychains, just give them away. It’s my karmic donation to try and offset some of the negativity out there. If you’d like a shisa keychain, I’ll be happy to send one anywhere for postage. I’ll get a link up for that today. And thank you Benebell Wen for the share, even if I wasn’t prepared!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Benebell Wen is a practitioner of esoteric occult arts and she is the most brilliant and best teacher I’ve found. She has books and courses (tons are free) on her website and she teaches everything including I Ching, tarot, divination, astrology… you name it. Next Saturday I was planning to do a review of her Spirit Keepers Tarot, Revelation Edition. You can find Benebell at benebellwen.com.